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It’s Time to Be “Just Whelmed”!

  • Do you experience any of the physical and emotional manifestations of stress?
  • Have you ever questioned your decision to enter the academic world?
  • When you say no to a request, ask for an extension, or do anything less than perfectly, do you feel guilty?

Nearly 80% of academic women recently surveyed responded that they are more overwhelmed now than they have ever been in the past.

When you are overwhelmed – you feel angry, resentful, and powerless. If you are tired of being tired and you are ready to re-energize – both personally and professionally – then jump in to claim a spot in the Just Whelmed Workshop Program, which is delivered right to you, so there’s no traveling involved!

The popular and practical Just Whelmed “Wee” Workshop program is for academic women who are overwhelmed with demands and expectations – and who are ready to regain a sense of control, peaceful productivity, and joy in what they do.

What is the Just Whelmed Workshop Program?

The Just Whelmed “Wee” Workshop Program is a specially-designed series for bright, educated, caring women (like you!) who want to focus their time, energy, and expertise on moving themselves and their projects forward.

Oh, and by the way, they want to accomplish this

in a calm and confident manner.

Participants will learn in weekly, manageable bits – that will not overwhelm you, I promise! You’ll receive written materials each week plus a brief mp3 recording. You may access one or both, whatever works best for you! These are just little “wee” workshops, mindfully created for super-busy, achieving women who care about what they do and the people around them.

Does academic productivity require overwhelm?

Just Whelmed
You have a choice.

Being overwhelmed day in and day out,

week in and week out, year in and year out is one option.

You have a different option.

The Just Whelmed “Wee” Workshop Program gives you ideas, mindsets, and solutions to move consistently into a life of “whelm” (vs. overwhelm or underwhelm). And here’s a newsflash….

You will be MORE productive when you are “just whelmed.”

It’s all good!!

If you would rather be overjoyed instead of overwhelmed, then you have found your solution.

When you are part of our unique group of dedicated and educated women (and a few great men), you will receive weekly wee workshops (both written and recorded) that are pertinent and practical. I have targeted and distilled the content into readily-applicable actions and practices.

There will also be special “Just Whelmed” events (teleseminars, web-based workshops, etc.) which you will be able to access at no additional cost. They are part of being a part of the Just Whelmed community.

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Is the Pain Bad Enough for You to Make Changes?

Just Whelmed


A couple of years ago, I was doing a “Just Whelmed” workshop at a large Research I university. At the end of the workshop, one of the faculty members announced that he thought all my strategies were great, but that he knew he would not apply them. Without hesitation, I said, “Then the pain’s not bad enough yet.”

There was surprise on his face – but it was the looks on others’ faces that let me know I had said something that resonated with them. Clearly, many of them knew the pain of overwhelm had gotten bad enough that they were ready to make a change.

If you are ready for actionable weekly ideas and strategies that will make an immediate difference for you, then get started with this unique program – designed for academic women like you.

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