Taking a Bold Action – Could You Then Be More Productive? Would You Feel More Alive in Your Life?

Are you ready to take a bold action? Could you be more productive if you were more bold?

“Fortune befriends the bold.” ~ John Dryden

Is bold a word you use to describe yourself, your behaviors, your thoughts, and your actions? If you haven’t imagined yourself as bold – up ’til now – What do you need to be bold about? Here are ten prompts to consider:

  1. Do you need to make a bold claim? What statement do you need to pronounce to yourself or others?
  2. Do you need to set a bold goal? Why have you been holding back?
  3. Do you need to make a bold break? Maybe from a relationship, a job, a marriage, a city, a lifestyle, a role?
  4. Do you need to have a bold conversation? You already know the answer to this, don’t you? You have a person with whom, if you had a bold conversation, it would change everything for you (or for the person).
  5. Do you need to engage in a bold cause? Look around. What troubles you on the deepest level in your neighborhood, your community, your organization, your country, your world? Do you want to get involved in solving that?
  6. Do you need to make a bold physical change in yourself or your environment? If you could, what would you do and why? Decide if you want to take the steps you need to take.
  7. Do you need to deliver a bold testimonial? What or who do you need to stand up for? How would you go about delivering this bold testimonial?
  8. Do you need to offer a bold alternative? Please, don’t hold back! Every situation needs alternatives to consider. If you have a bold alternative way of thinking or acting or responding, offer it so that it can be considered.
  9. Do you need to make a bold decision? Fear often holds us back from making the bold decisions, but we know perfectly well what those decisions could be. What is yours?
  10. Do you need to find a bold friend and accountability partner? It’s possible just to set something up with a MasterMind group, a special friend, or a trusted family member. You can also hire a coach who can be your bold friend and accountability partner. This person could also help you take action on any of the previous nine prompts.

See if one of these questions helps you think about an area where you want to be more bold. What could open up for you if you were more bold?

For many resources to support taking bold actions, including publications, weekly tips, coaching, and more, just access Meggin’s website and see what is there for you.

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2 Responses to “Taking a Bold Action – Could You Then Be More Productive? Would You Feel More Alive in Your Life?”

  1. Connie Knapp says:

    Funny thing about boldness – what seems ” bold” today might seem tame tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder.
    I had the words “dream big” engraved on the back of my iPod to remind me that big dreams are the ones that make me excited, bold plans are the ones that attract people and that if I don’t try something big and bold, I’ll never really know what I can do.

  2. Oh, that is really good, Connie…what’s bold today seems tame tomorrow. Brilliant!



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