Staying Positive by Releasing the Extraordinary – 7 Steps

“We all have the extraordinary coded within us…waiting to be released.” – Jean Houston

Do you know what it is that is the most extraordinary thinNumber 7g about you? Have you even considered the answer to that question? I believe you should – and that when you ask and answer it, you can begin focusing on the positive about yourself – and ultimately – others, too.

I’m going to offer 7 actions that I would like you to take – beginning today. They can’t all be completed today, but they can all be started today.

The first action, or step, is to

  1. Identify *It* that is, what is extraordinary or amazing about you. Make this determination by yourself and without any input from others.The second action, or step, is to:
  2. Ask others what it is that they notice about you that is extraordinary or amazing.The third action, or step, is to:
  3. Name *it* with the ‘it’ being what is extraordinary about you.The fourth action, or step, is to:
  4. Tell others about it, i.e., what it is that is amazing about you. (Scary, I know).The fifth action, or step, is to:
  5. Live it. Demonstrate it. Revel in it.The sixth action, or step, is to:
  6. Be thankful for it.The seventh (and last) action, or step, is to:
  7. Affirm the extraordinary in someone else.

Now….will these 7 steps help you become and stay more positive? Yes. I could argue with you or you could go and find out. Start on these steps today and see what happens. I promise that it will make a difference in your focus, your attitude, your attractiveness to yourself and others, and your impact at home and at work.

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