Putting Policies in Place to Alleviate Overwhelm

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of “policies,” just access the sample “Wee” Weekly Workshop on putting policies into place to prevent overwhelm and you’ll have a good sense of why this is a key strategy for living a life of being ‘just whelmed.’   Here are some excellent suggestions from Just Whelmed R & D members:


Dr. Elisa H. Barney Smith

Tuesdays (it can be any day, but I don’t have lectures on Tuesdays) are a ‘me’ day, no meetings allowed. I plan to work from home, without internet (aka email or web-surfing) or people stopping by and do whatever research or sometimes teaching projects I need to. Sometimes it is reading papers, or writing papers, sometimes it is grading papers, or writing assignments. I don’t let others schedule meetings for me on Tuesdays. It is a ‘me’ day.


Chris Sier, Executive/Leadership Coach

To stay just whelmed has been difficult because I tend to procrastinate and things build up. I realize though it is because I either don’t want to do the task, unsure how to proceed, or distracted and forget.  I am getting much better but still a problem.

One policy that I now have is to not say “yes” when first asked to go somewhere or do something.  I used to regret that.  Now I give myself some time to think it over before I agree or disagree.


Janine Gillespie

Make sure I know what it is I am doing and prepare well for the task you are doing.  I didn’t do assignments for a while until I got the material I needed together.  Also do a little everyday and don’t try and do too much as it is a – gets monotonous and your legs start to give way and b – your brain starts to buckle and then you panic as you can’t think! (spoken from experience and with someone with dyspraxia!!)


Frances Aranda, PhD, MPH, MS

I use the same cooling off period when I receive an email that stirs up emotions. I have learned from past experiences it is better not to respond to an email immediately that it is better to wait until after I cool off and can formulate my thoughts.


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