If one baby. . .

Here’s what Kimberly Hale sent me when I asked her to share a favorite time quote:

“My mother-in-law has a saying – “If one child/baby takes up all of your time, how can 5 possibly take up any more of your time.”  It’s about the only thing I agree with her about! 🙂

In home or work life, there are only so many things that we can devote our full attention to at any one time. So, while we don’t have additional time, what we have to figure out is how to allocate the time, and re-prioritize the time. 

So, when the second baby is here, the first baby may get fewer bed-time stories, but she is still getting stories. In academia, one commitment may take a back-seat for a time, while another commitment takes priority or at least is scheduled for that block of time.

And, yes at times we wish we had more time, but some things just have to be delegated (keeping the dogs alive is now entirely my husband’s domain – for example). The same goes for work – at some point you just have to delegate or be ok with letting some things go, cross them off of the list, or put them in the “parking lot” for later development and attention.”

I think this is VERY helpful for all of us, whether we are academics, managers, full-time parents, or any other role we might fill.  Thanks, Kimberly!

Note:  Kimberly is an active member of our Just Whelmed community.  You are welcome to join us, too.

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