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Bring the Just Whelmed Weekly Workshop Program to members of your department, college, organization, or company. The year-long program is offered on-line so it’s convenient for everyone and leads to extended and deepened learning (compared to a one-time workshop or class). To help make this easy for you, special savings are offered.Justwhelmed

When you invest at the group level, you are ensuring that the culture of your organization changes – positively and productively. Rather than having people be frantically overwhelmed or depressingly underwhelmed, you have members of your community who are supported in making the changes that will allow them to be “just whelmed.”

This positive shift is powerful for the individuals involved and for everyone they are connected to – including colleagues, students, citizens, and families. Think of the difference this will make!

Here is all you need to do:

  1. Select the best option from the choices below.
  2. Easily pay with your purchasing card.
  3. You will be underway and getting the details out to your colleagues within 24 hours.

Note: If you prefer to process using a purchase order, just contact us and we’ll work out the details with you directly.

Group of 10$950

  • ONLY $95
    per person
    for a whole year!

Group of 25$1950

  • ONLY $78
    per person
    for a whole year!

Group of 50$3250

  • ONLY $65
    per person
    for a whole year!

Group of 100$5000

  • WOW!
    $50 per person
    for a whole year!

Unlimited Group$8950

    Less than $50 per person for a whole year!



The Just Whelmed Wee Weekly Workshop Program offers options and choices galore! You may be offering these options to your colleagues within just a few hours. You have the option of paying with your purchasing card (right from this webpage) or you may use a Purchase Order, if that works better for you.

* The “Unlimited” investment level includes all faculty, administrators, and staff of a college, university, or other organization.


Members of the Just Whelmed community receive:

  1. 52 individual workshops – nothing overwhelming, just “wee” workshops. Each recorded wee workshop is somewhere between 15 – 25 minutes (a few are a bit longer, I will admit!) and the written version of the workshop is between 10 and 20 pages. Individuals may access the workshops by reading, listening, or both. It is completely up to each person.
  1. Your staff may access their Just Whelmed “Wee” Weekly Workshops at the times that are convenient for them. Some people, I’ve been told, practically sit and wait for their next workshop to be delivered and devour it as soon as it arrives. Others save a bunch of them until they have a trip, an opening in their schedule, or for a time when they are desperate for some answers. Then they listen and/or read several of the wee workshops in a concentrated period of time.
  2. Each workshop is delivered in both audio and text format.

Audio = downloadable mp3 for listening on an individual’s computer, smart phone, tablet, or other mp3 device.

Text = downloadable PDFs to view on screen or print and save in a notebook for ready reference.

  1. Special “Just Whelmed” teleseminars & webinars.
    1. Available to Promise: Two-hour class + materials
    2. Creating a Just Whelmed Calendar: 90-minute class + materials
    3. Strategies for When You Are Seriously & Scarily Behind: Two-hour class + materials
    4. Planning Your Calendar – One Quarter at a Time –for Peaceful, Predictable Productivity: Two-hour class + materials
    5. With more to come!
  2. Social media options for interacting. At this time, LinkedIn, Facebook, and blog options are available for those who find this useful. Google+ is coming soon.
  3. Periodic guided book discussions on topics of interest to Just Whelmed Wee Workshop participants.
  4. And surprises every so often☺


Decision points for your consideration:Downshift

  1. Do you want to offer this to a small group (e.g., 10 faculty, maybe at a particular rank or within a particular program or unit);
  2. Do you want to offer this to a larger group, e.g., 50 or 100 faculty;
  3. Would you prefer to make it available to everyone on your campus? You can actually do this – for your whole campus – for the investment that it would cost to bring me to your institution for a one-day workshop for a small group of faculty. Yes! You heard it here!


What others are saying:

I am not an organized person. Ask anyone that knows me. I have listened to Meggin’s seminars (2-3 in the last year or two) and I am told (at least once a month) by my chairwoman or physician colleagues – “Wow – you are so organized” or “You seem like it easy for you to do all of these things.” I always say, “No, I am not – I took a class online,” but they don’t believe me. I am a living testament that Meggin’s lessons work!!! Thank you sooo much – I attribute much of my success in my career thus far to “Just Whelmed.” With much appreciation, ~Kelli Hutchens

All of these lessons have helped me to find the balance I was looking for. While I see my life as a work in progress, I can say that I feel much more balanced now than before, more focused on what matters most, and much more satisfied with my work life and family life. ~Rena Huntington

I have been recommending Meggin’s courses and materials to several of my colleagues. Why? Because Meggin is very practical, matter-of-fact, and marries that down-to-earth approach with lots of reflection on one’s own goals and philosophy. ~Melissa Garrido

Meggin’s information is always helpful and on-target. I’ve tried lots of “self-help” suggestions before but her ideas are so specific to many of the challenges I struggle with. ~Jayme Nelson

Meggin offers both new and tried-and-true solutions rolled into a user-friendly, encouraging package. ~Rebecca Renfro

The Just Whelmed Group Rates are an efficient, cost-effective, and compelling way to support your faculty as they regain their momentum, increase their sense of peaceful and predictable productivity, and as they re-energize throughout 2014 and 2015 with their “wee” weekly workshops.

Questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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