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The Just Whelmed “Wee” Workshop Program is an inspiring, fun, practical, year-long program for bright, educated, caring women (like you!) who want to focus their time, energy, and expertise on moving themselves and their projects forward.

And, quite importantly, they want to accomplish all this in a calm and confident manner.

Participants learn in weekly, manageable bits – and it’s not overwhelming, I promise!  Each week you will receive:

  • Written materials to read, print, write on, underline, carry around, or whatever you like.  They are yours to access whenever you need them for learning and inspiration!
  • A brief recording (downloadable as an mp3) for listening right at your computer or to transfer to your smart phone, tablet, or other portable device.
  • Access either format in the time frame that works best for you!

These are just little “wee” workshops, especially designed for super-busy, achieving women who care about what they do and the people around them.

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It is a hands-on style that includes actual experiences to reinforce a topic.  Meggin portrays herself as real life, which is pleasant and encouraging in the topics that focus on being productive and satisfied in the process.  Thank you for providing this service and classes. ~Maureen O’Brien

Since you found this page and have read this far…

  • You are ready to be inspired to know ways to better invest your time, energy, and attention;
  • You are ready to mindfully examine the overwhelm (and the underwhelm) you feel;
  • You are ready to experience a sense of control over your life;
  • You are ready to receive tremendous value from this time as we work together.

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Start Your “Wee” Weekly Workshop Today!

As soon as you become a member of our group, you will:

Start receiving your Wee Weekly Workshops – just like clockwork – for 52 weeks (at least!)  These include:

  • Printed material just as you would receive in a great face-to-face workshop.  This material is carefully crafted to prod, prompt, and promote your learning.  Your weekly documents will average about 8 or 9 pages of ideas, content, and tools to use.  You may keep these in a special notebook to reference for yourself in years ahead.
  • An mp3 recording of the wee workshop to download and listen to on your portable device.  It’s like having me beside you teaching and coaching you – for about 15″ – 20″ each week.  You’ll just download and listen as many times as you like, whenever you need encouragement and strategies to move to being ‘just whelmed’ instead of overwhelmed.
  • Plus, you will receive invitations to participate in members-only webinar and teleseminar events.  These will be uniquely designed for you and the rest of us who are working together to be ‘just whelmed’ in both the professional and personal realm.

Everything is designed just for academic women (and some great men, too!) who want the experience of being overjoyed instead of overwhelmed.

Note:  Get started, without delay!  Once you become a member of our community, you will receive the first of your 52 “wee” weekly workshops to help you be “just whelmed” (instead of being overwhelmed or underwhelmed, neither of which is much fun!)

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