Feeling Schizophrenic

One of the R & D team members says her story involves feeling schizophrenic.  I’m wondering who else can identify:

I am a highly intelligent, self-motivated person who is getting the life sucked out of me because of the politics and bureaucracy that I spend my work day mired in. Further, my particular department makes decisions on a dime – which results in going in a different direction every time the President mentions she likes something – that becomes our new focus instead of making deliberate decisions that further our mission and would achieve success.

As if this is not enough, I work in an institution that is rife with supervisors that are bullies (starting at the top) which messes with the whole ability to achieve as an employee, and crippled workforce. Lastly, I work in an academic institution, for heaven’s sake – and some people really do believe in the “ivory tower” myth. Which means that we don’t operate as a functioning business, everything is studied or talked about to death, which limits creativity and the ability to actually get things done. (I know this sentence and the second sentence contradict each other, but now you know the reason for my schizophrenic behaviors!!!)


Suggestions?  Thoughts?  Solutions from anyone?  Please comment.



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